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Archivi per il mese di “marzo, 2004”

LUIGI TENCO : Ho capito che ti amo (It can only mean I love you)

Luigi Tenco : Ho capito che ti amo
It can only mean I love you (english lyrics Santing/Hermsen)

This can only mean I love you
when your being just a little late upsets me
and I feel my hert’s indifference disappear
and I worry that you might not come at all

It can only mean I love you
when a simple thing you say is all it takes to
make an evening that was just like any other
glow and sparkle with a sudden touch of magic

and to think that not so long ago
when I would talk to someone
I’d never dream again
I finally knew better
than to play the fool for love
look at me now

I just realized I love you
and already it’s too late to turn around
for a while I tried to find my heart’s indifference
but it’s gone, what can I do now but surrender
to love
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