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The importance of Luigi Tenco, in my life

The importance of Luigi Tenco, in my life
(en english from….my friend Lili)

On January 27th ,1967, I was celebrating my 8th;
A few days after , my older sister (who was 21 years old at that time), was telling me about Luigi Tencos death. She used to have a lot of italian singers discs, like Sergio Endrigo, Nico Fidenco,and others, and she had one Luigi Tencos disc, which was my favorite one. I was always asking her to play it for me, and I used to keep admiring the long plays cover, and looking at Luigis brown eyes, and thiking: Why have he gone so fast?
He even hadn´t waited for me to grow up, to be able to listen and understand his songs…why did he do that to me? I had no answers to my questions, and then I kept growing up, and I became a Bee Gees fan…and time passed by.. I was married twice, and I had my children, who are 18 and 11 years old nowadays .Last year Ive decided to organize my life and then I came to live in a small city, at the beach, Itanhaem, in São Paulos litoral, Brazil….Ive bought my computer and started to surf on the internet.
I started to look for Luigi Tencos stuff, and Ive downloaded some possible songs from him on the KAZAA program, then Ive met MASSIMO, and a lot of people who admire Luigi just like me, and keep LUIGI PRIDE ALIVE, even 35 years after he passed away. Each time I listen to his songs, I do think the same thing Ive thought that day when I was a little girl Luigi, why hadn´t you waited for me to grow up , so I would be able to know about you?We really need you so much!

Well,Im taking Italian classes in my town, because learning the italian language has always been my dream, and now I have the chance to make this dream come true, just to be able to understand his work, and memories of this sensitve man who was LUIGI TENCO.

With love

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